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Patient Direct aka : Direct Digital Multimedia International Services Ltd
The court result and process
A lesson in the laxity of reading a contract before signing

Patient Direct. Who are they?

This is a trading name of Multimedia International Services Ltd which proclaims itself to be part of the Media International Group and also has other trading names such as Digital Direct. The Group is operating in other parts of the world and their member companies have a history of going into liquidation with outstanding charges. Each one of the companies appear, certainly at this point in time, to have the same directors one of which, David Ravenscroft has addresses listed on Company House records from Grand Cayman to the UK and Thailand. He seems to be Chairman of the group. A search of Company House records show Multimedia International Services Ltd, Multimedia International Holdings Ltd, Multimedia International Services Worldwide Ltd, Multimedia International Services Holdings Ltd, Multimedia International Services Dana Limited, National Irish Media Ltd, Multimedia International Services Worldwide Ltd some of which were liquidated. Their holding group Media International Holdings Ltd is also showing some worrying details. It was under compulsory Strike Off action until 6th June 2018 despite it being opened less than 2 years previously. The Group also operates in other countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia , Ireland and New Zealand, although it has recently gone into liquidation in Australia and bought by another company following its massive fine for unconscionable conduct. The number of companies that have been and gone is startling. Quite why a business needs so many other companies seemingly doing the same sort of advertising, is worrying. Due to the number of them having gone into liquidation or been struck off, there’s the perception at least that they are doing a phoenix style of operation by closing business with large unpaid debts and starting afresh. This is a perception based on unsatisfied debentures etc showing on the records of Companies House. What do they do? Patient Direct calls on businesses within a geographic location and attempts to get agreement to show advertising at local health centres, post offices, hospitals and other places. It seems to be common for them to obtain advertising Agreements then approach a local host such as a hospital, doctor’s surgery etc to offer them the opportunity to make commission for the display in their waiting rooms. 

How do they operate - or at least how they operated with ourselves

Typically a business has an unsolicited visit by someone representing themselves as an employee of the company. There are known persons of Nick Slade who passes himself off as Director Corporate Accounts on his business card and Andy Walker who has the most obvious home-made business card you have ever seen. We were visited bt Nick Slade. He rolled up unannounced when the shop was busy and started presenting the benefits of advertising in the various locations but didn’t tell the full truth, such as the cancellation procedure to prevent the contract from being rolled-over to another contract period etc, nor did he give the full costs or hand over the contract to read the VERY IMPORTANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON THE BACK. These include the basis for them to exclude any misrepresentations that have been made and in some known cases the copy of the contract has not been left as those very terms and conditions are so heavily weighted against an advertiser that they stink to high heaven. Without going into detail here, the representations made are so false as to fall foul of the law. A signature has also been forged/altered. The basis of their contracts in the Australian company they have (now liquidated) was put to the test in the Federal Court of Australia by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and they were fined $230,000 Aus for the misrepresentations and other deceitful practices. I guess that by finding this site, you have already been subject to some sort of problem with Patient Direct. If so read on. The next page will be useful.  

Hit by an Advertising Scam?

Here is a case study to learn from involving Patient Direct, otherwise known as Multimedia International Services Ltd, The Community Network and Direct Digital
Directors & Key People With   most   companies   there   is   an original    Director    on    record    who placed      the      purchase      of      the Company        Name        and        then resigned.   This    is    normal    practice and       that       person       has       no involvement     with     the     company from that point on. The     current     people     named     as directors,   or   who   had   involvement in      a      liquidated      company      are common      to      most      companies. These are 1. David Ravenscroft (Chairman) 2. Angela Margaret Darnell 3. Adrian John Reid 4. Peter Swarbrick Then there are others from this link If    you    follow    the    trail    from    each name    on    Companies    House    you will   see   several   other   ex-directors and    other    companies    that    these people   are   associated   with,   as   well as     places     of     residence,     which includes      Thailand      and      Grand Cayman for David Ravenscroft See the residence of Angela Darnell. How much ????? - £800,000
Angela Darnell: Director. The “Owner” of Direct Digital and co-director of all the other companies
This is one of David Ravenscroft’s listed residences. : 430 PATRICKS AVE. GRAND CAYMAN, FF KY1 1206 CYM the other known ones being in the UK and Thailand. Wonder how he makes his money. Oh, really? That easy Eh?
Also listed is yet another incarnation of the Group. It looks like it went out of business in 2016. Bang goes another : MIS Multimedia Group INC.  in Massachusets.
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