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Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a hat or anything at all on the head nowadays.
As a mother of the bride or groom it's possibly one of only a couple of times in the life of a woman when the opportunity demands it.
We offer a fantastic collection, both for purchase at perhaps the best price in the UK, or even a hire service for those who can call and collect. Of course we can send out if you are prepared to pay postage costs
Colours are always a bit of a problem. At least they were.
We have a superb collection from Rose Belinda which can be made to your exact colour requirement. Of course it costs a little more but when everything is exactly colour matched it's worth it.
You can send us your colour swatch, ie a Dulux paint chart colour, a bit of material or anything with the colour on it that you want replicating.
There's around a six week turnaround though so please make sure you get your swatch in early. Choose the hat or fascinator that you like and we'll have it made up in the colour you send in.
One of our favourite milliners is Nigel Rayment. This manufacturer has a very comprehensive range, including hats to match the exclusive Paule Vasseur outfits. They are available in a large variety of pre-set colours and are generally available within a four day period from order.
To see his current collection click here
Nigel Rayment

The pictures in the gallery are just some of the shoes and bags we have in stock. I'm adding more pictures as soon as I can take them.

Our hats art chosen especially to match the outfits we buy each season and due to this we may sometimes be reluctant to hire or sell a hat to match an outfit bought elsewhere. This is purely because we need to prioritise our own customers needs. If we cannot supply you we recommend that you try our milliner who makes a lot of our hats and fascinators.

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Shoes and bags

We believe in trying to give as complete a service as possible to our visiting customers.

Because of this we think it's especially important to match each and every outfit with shoes and a clutch bag.

Of course, there's no reason why you can't look elsewhere but at least we'll not leave you without a choice.

Each forthcoming season we take a lot of time to carefully select those styles and colours that fit in well with the outfits we've already ordered. We have a few really superb collections to choose from each with it's own stamp of quality.The Renata, Sabrina Chic and Belladonna styles are made from the finest kid leather in a small Italian factory.

Although you might see each style as a finished product, most of them are designed at the time of purchase. For instance we can make them up from different colours, different heel sizes etc to suit our own particular requirement. Because of this it's sometimes difficult for you, the customer to shop around for a particular style you may have seen in another shop. It might have been made to their own tastes too.

Speaking of shoes and bags made to our own specification, you now have the opportunity to have your shoes made exactly to your own style. This part of the Renata YOURS service. Just call us to arrange an appointment with them (they can't accept direct calls) and the shoes and bag of your dreams can be made more or less in front of your eyes. Small sizes are specially catered for and don't be shy in coming forward if you have extra big feet. Oh, if you are one of those unlucky ladies who have different size feet then the YOURS service is a must. They can make a pair in different sizes for you.

A few of the outfits we sell have a matching shoe and bag made by the same manufacturer and obviously are perfect for the outfit they were made to complement. Presen, Jorjina and Michel Ambers are among these designers. and have satisfied our needs for some time now, perfectly and at a very reasonable price.

We also have a small collection of lovely shoes and bags from Sandra Vera, Nicole, Ultimate Collection and Vikki Beth.

Once more some of these are specially styled by us to meet the anticipated demand of our own customer base.