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Linea Raffaelli

Linea Raffaelli Mother of the Bride Outfits collection Spring - Summer 2013

Mother of bride
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Linea Raffaelli is one of Belgium's finest fashion houses with collections for the bride, special occasions and evening wear. We specialise only on the special Gold occasion-wear and evening wear.

Linea Raffaelli is a family business with an emphasis on style and bright colours. These leading fashions are among the best you can get at a price rtange that has been brought down recently to reflect the economic downfall we currently suffer. Although they aren't cheap, neither are they expensive and you should be able to get a complete outfit at a price better than you may imagine. 

The suits are especially styled with the mother of the bride, or mother of the groom in mind. The dresses are  beautiful designed and imaginative which are equally useful as a dress for a guest a wedding or a day at the races, evening out with friends on a warm evening or a special family gathering.

Linea Raffaelli has recently brought out a more casual daywear or casual collection, some of which are shown in the pictures. These are simply gorgeous and will be welcomed by any woman looking for nice but not 's

I have other photographs of the collections taken at the exhibition where we look at all the styles and buy as what we feel we should.  Some of these aren't featured in Linea's own picture gallery, however I have them in my own gallery from this link.

The Linea Raffaelli collections are supported throughout each season with special orders until such time as the material runs out.

A visit to their own website will give you an insight into the popularity of this label and maybe inspire you to take a further look in shop.

Linea Raffaelli

If you happen to find this site from a search for a bridal dress or gown then Linea Raffaelli also do these too though we don't stock them. There's a very good bridal dress shop just along the road from us and Claire will be happy to help you out.

Linea Raffaelli mother of the bride outfit. Style CS13-005 Linea Raffaelli summer dress, style CS13-008 Linea Raffaeilli suit, style CS13-010
Linea Raffaelli
What can be said about these lovely collections that the pictures don't already say?
This designer collection is one of the finest in the world and any retailer not selling them are missing out to the detriment of their own customers. Quite frankly, if they don't have Linea Raffaelli in stock then they aren't offering you the best choices.
As a listed Premium Reseller of the label we offer a superb selection of styles and a service to match.
These wonderful fashions have captured my attention as among the best I have seen for some time.
Made from superb fabrics etc the attention to detail and the elegant styling just scream quality and individuality.
Mother of the bride, mother of the groom, special occasions where the sumptuous elegance will shine through and make a star of you, this is the label you've been searching for.
If you're wearing one of these, then wear it with style, put on a swagger and show the world how elegant you are.
For matching hats, shoes and clutch bags please visit the separate page of my own picture gallery from here..

Due to the high demand for brochures I'm afraid I can't supply as many as I would like as I can't actually get enough myself.
I can send out a CD disc of the collection but I need to charge for this cover my costs.
However any cost will be deducted from anything purchased.
If you follow the link on the button below I will organise this for you. The disc will include all the pictures on the website, and others in my gallery.

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The shoes and bags shown are just a very small selection of the huge choice we have in shop.

We recommend a visit if at all possible but we are happy to deal with you by telephone or email as necessary.

If you need special assistance in getting to the shop, say from a good distance away, we offer a special customer service to assist you. Just click here for full details.


If you're closer to us and aren't able to visit for lack of a car or a disability for instance just call us and we'll arrange something to help.


While we don't run a coffee shop you're always welcome to a cuppa or cold drink to refresh your mind.


Linea Rafaelii summer dress, style CS13 023 Linea Raffaelli wedding guest outfit Linea Raffaelli dress for special occasions, style CS13-19
Linea Raffaelli dress for party or summer daywear, style CS13-025 Linea Raffaelli mother of the bride oiutfit, style CS13-026 Ladies summer dress from Linea Raffelli, style CS13-027
Long evening dress by Linea Rafaelli, style CS13-050 Smart dress from Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-048 A WOW summer dress by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-041
Gorgeous dress and bolero for guests or register office weddings perhaps, style CS13-094 Fantastic summer dress with cowl neck by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-084 Beautiful outfit for the mother of the bride or groom, Style CS13-055
Special summer dress by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-115 Beautiful summer dress fro looking smart when you need to, Style CS13-110 Mother of the Bride Outfit by Linea Raffaelli, Style CS13-097
Gorgoeus summer dress with cowl neckline, Style CS13-129 Summer dress by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-148 A-line sleeveless summer dress, style CS13-150
Special summer dress by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-162 Smart dress for evenings, style CS13-163 Lovely outfit for wedding guests or occasion-wear, Style CS13-164
Dress and half sleeve bolero from Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-167 Lovely dress for smart occasions, style CS13-171
Striking black v neck sleeveless dress, style CS13-175 Eye-catching smart summer dress by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-181 Trouser suit by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-182
Dress and bolero outfit for mother of the bride or groom, Style CS13-183 Lovely summer dress by Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-184 elegant dress, style CS13-184
Lovely ensemble by linea Raffaelli, style CS13-187 Cheerful smart summer dress, style CS13-191 Dress and bolero for mother of the bride or groom, Style CS13-196
Patterned dress and bolero for the mother of the bride or groom, style CS13-206 elegant ladies summer dress, style CS13-215 Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-230
Dress and bolero from Linea Raffaelli, style CS13-231 Linea Raffaelli style CS13-010 outfit Summer 2013 Linea Rafaelli CS13 - SET 008