Frank Lyman Collection - Spring - Summer 2013
Frank Lyman has an extraordinary collection of the most wonderfully feminine fashions. The complete collection is far larger than I can even think of putting on this site but I have chosen a few styles for you that you may like.

If you really care for something with flair and imagination then you can't go beyond Frank Lyman.

From trousers to dresses, to lovely tops and soft suits this collection has it all for the modern woman.

If you find anything else that you are interested in then please call me or drop me line. Each season we are generally able to place further orders to satisfy in-season demand, and often can order from a previous season too.

Mother of bride
Special Occasions
Casual & Daywear
Shoes, hats & bags
Sales & Offers

Frank Lyman has a fantastic collection which has literally hundreds of styles.

Some of those shown here, as well as others not shown, come in other colours and patterns.

I can't put all that information onto a single page so it's always best to ask for your preference.

Sizes start at a ridiculous 4 and go up to 24.

We do keep a reasonable stock of the more popular sizes and are able to place further orders on demand so you can generally get what you want quickly, if not within 3 days.

Most of the sets shown, ie tops and trousers, have the details for the tops, rather than the trousers inclusive in that cost. Please take note that when we price these, they're done on a single piece rather than a set.


Frank Lyman at Norma & June Fashions. Where fashion matters and customer satisfaction is paramount

Frank Lyman, Frank Lyman


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