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Condici is one of the oldest UK established fashion house with special emphasis on using the finest of materials and truly inspirational styling. The mother of the bride collection from Condici is equally at home on any lady wanting to set herself apart from run of the mill fashions and High Street offerings. As well as the outfits we stock a selection of their hats to complement each outfit and offer fascinators as inexpensive alternatives.

Ispirato and Condici are worn by mother of the bride and groom and ladies wanting to show themselves in the better circles such as Ascot, Epsom and Henley Regatta etc. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other collections but they just shout for your  attention and will look superb in any situation where you need to put on a bit of style without making too much fuss on the cost.

All of the outfits shown here are available in a variety of colours. Just click onto Condici's own website to see the colour options.

If you see anything you are particularly interested in then please call or email me and I will do my best to help out.

Supplier websites from the following text

1. Condici mother bride

2. Ispirato 

Price Match Promise.

We will match any other price for the same garment in the same style and colour from any other official retailer in the UK. All items new from stock and not subject to other promotional prices or offers.

Condici mother groom outfit
Condici mother of the bride
Condici mother of the groom
Condici dress and bolero
Condici dress and jacket
Condici dress and coat
Condici ladies fashions
Condici stockists
Condici sales
Condici outlet
Condici designer
Condici ladies wear
Condici bridal wear
Condici collection
Condici fashion collection
Condici hats
Condici northeast
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Condici 11220 dress and jacket Condici dress and jacket style 90296 Ispirato IM952 bandage style dress and long sleeve bolero. In Cornflower The Condici collection is quite large and we take care to choose those styles that we consider would be the most popular each season.

We have most of the lovely Condici and Ispirato collections for spring and summer 2013. Also the early autumn styles are now in stock so an early visit might be worthwhile.

All of the outfits are generally available in at least two colours but often many more.

Condici also does two seasonal collections, the first being delivered in the middle of October for spring 2012 and then again in the spring.

Ispirato does similar. They have 2 delivery periods but a little later than the Condici

I can send out a CD disc of the collections, 2with as many other pictures from other suppliers but I need to charge for this cover my costs.
However any cost will be deducted from anything purchased.
If you follow the link on the button below I will organise this for you. The disc will include all the pictures on the website, and others in my gallery.


Early spring deliveries now with us.

Drop in to be the first to take your choice.

Remember to visit Condici's own website to see the colour options available in each style.

 Please note: There isn't an independent Condici store. Condici don't sell directly to the public and only sell to retailers such as ourselves who can pass on the benefits of local service.

With all the stock we buy from them we are the nearest you'll get to a Condici Store.

We have a room full of the most exquisite Condici outfits together with their other collection from Ispirato and you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else that compares in the selections we offer.

We take pride that we are among the first to receive the early deliveries of the autumn 2013 collection. Be sure to visit early for the best choices.

Ispirato mother bride outfit
Ispirato mother groom outfit
Ispirato mother of the bride
Ispirato mother of the groom
Ispirato dress and bolero
Ispirato dress and jacket
Ispirato dress and coat
Ispirato ladies fashions
Ispirato stockists
Ispirato sales
Ispirato outlet
Ispirato designer
Ispirato ladies wear
Ispirato bridal wear
Ispirato collection
Ispirato fashion collection
Ispirato hats
Ispirato northeast
Ispirato north east


Condici 70764 dress and jacket Condici 70765N dress and jacket Condici 70766
Condici 90295 Condici 90268 dress Condici 90268 suit. Dress shown alongside

Condici 90300

Condici 90302

 Condici 90261 dress and jacket suit

Condici 90303 dress and jacket Condici dress and jacket suit Condici dress and jacket suit
Condici 90263 dress and jacket Condici 90270 dress and coat. Dress shown alongside Condici 90270 dress, suit alongside
Condici 90293 dress and jacket Condici 90269 dress and jacket Ispirato IM926 dress and bolero
Condici 70762 dress and jacket Ispirato IM927 dress and jacket Ispirato IM966 Dune, dress and bolero/jacket
Ispirato IM955 dress and bolero Ispirato IM953 dress and bolero Ispirato dress and bolero, style IM940
Ispirato dress and bolero, style IM963 Ispirato evening dress - gown. Style IM826 Ispirato IM958 dress and bolero
Ispirato style IM950 dess and bolero Ispirato IM926 dress and bolero Condici 91313 dress and bolero
Condici 70770N dress and jacket Condici 90326 dress and jacket  

Print off the discount voucher from the picture below and use in-store only at the point of sale.

Condici styles come in a variety of colours. The styles shown are taken from Condici's own promotional material and may not be in stock at our own shop.

To see the other colours please visit Condici's website and please ask us if there's anything you need help with.

Condici 11228 mother of the bride outfit Condici 11230 Mother of the Groom outfit Condici 11232 outfit
Condici 70767 dress and jacket Condici style 70768 dress and jacket Condici designer dress and jacket, style 70769B
Condici dress and jacket, style 90314 Condici coat and dress style 90316 Coat and dress from Condici, style 90325
Condici dress and jacket, style 90326 Condici 90327 dress and jacket Condici 90329 designer dress and jacket